You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

This is my first time. What can I expect?

First off, I am excited and honored to be a part of your BDSM beginnings. It is normal to have nerves and excitement, that is what makes the experience so fun! So long as you are polite and are respectful of my time and my boundaries, I can assure you we will both have a fabulous time. Once you provide the deposit reservation for the dungeon reservation, you will be emailed detailed instructions. You will arrive on time at the disclosed address and knock on the door. Once I greet you, we will speak for 5-10 about your interests, limits, and safe words. After we speak and I secure your tribute, we will begin our scene.

I have some unique interests not listed on your website, does that mean you don't like it?

Of course not. It might be shocking to discover, but I am probably an even greater pervert than you. There are too many fetishes that interest Me to list and I love exploring new ones. So long as you politely inquire about your interest with Me through a phone consultation or through email, there is no harm in asking.

Do you play with: 1. Couples 2. Women or Transgender or Genderqueer people 3. Other Mistresses

Short answer: Yes, Yes, and OH YES! A more in-depth response: 1. I love playing with couples. Whether it's to show your partner how to be more dominant in the bedroom or for you both to be teased and dominated by yours truly-- working with couples brings a fun and unforgettable dynamic. When booking, keep in mind that I require both individuals to provide consent. 2. Absolutely! A large part of my methodology as a dominatrix is to provide a space of safety. Not just physical safety, but also the mental space where you know that you are truly safe, your body and your submission is honored and respected, and through this you are given the freedom to let go, to submit, to allow yourself to fall into whatever depths we may explore and know that your Mistress will catch you. 3. The funny thing with a multiple Mistress session is that it doesn't just multiply the fun, it increases it exponentially! I adore working with members of my femme domme collective The Alphas and with independent dominatrices.

How should I prepare for my session?

I put a lot of time and care into my sessions and it is thoroughly appreciated when my submissive reciprocates an amount of care in return. 1. As I have mentioned earlier, arrive on time. Never early, never late. If you are running late due to traffic or an unforeseen circumstance, email Me immediately to let Me know. If you are traveling from the South Bay or across the Bay Bridge, always allot yourself extra time for any traffic congestion that may arise. 2. Arrive freshly showered, nails trimmed, and without heavy cologne. If we are exploring any intimate spaces, please prepare your body well in advance. 3. Kink should be performed safe, sane, and consensually. Do not take any substances that may impair any of those necessary components. If you are taking medication such as blood thinners, if you are fasting, if you have any impairments whatsoever, let me know in our pre-session negotiation so that I can accommodate our play accordingly.

What are your limits and boundaries?

As a professional dominatrix, I do sexy kink, not kinky sex. To put it simply, no part of you will ever go into any orafice of Mine. Other noninterests to Me include: mysoginistic play, adult diaper play, and body worship only sessions that have no elements of kink.

I would like to know more about your dungeons...

For My new clients, I primarily session out of my Oakland dungeon. The space is fully equipped so as to best accommodate your varied curiosities. There are three dungeons on this property, each more beautiful than the last. I use 2 San Francisco dungeon spaces. My first choice is in the Mission District. It's located in an area with many nearby cafés, bars, and restaurants that we could possibly meet up at before our play. My other San Francisco dungeon is located in the SOMA district. It is only available M-F from 11-5.

Still Have A Lingering Question?

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I love satiating curiosities.

However, I don't have love for thoughtless or disrespectful questions.

Questions that can be easily answered by reading My website will be apathetically ignored.

If you don't want to risk your question being ignored, you can text Me and receive a response within 24 hours.