Caught in my gaze, an unfamiliar yet unmistakable feeling overcomes you: the feeling of being seen, truly seen. I see every part of you. Your deepest desires, your hidden secrets, your buried shames. As you lay bare before me, the valley of my crimson smile lets you know that it’s okay. 


Let the twists and turns of my rope remold you. Let the warm stings of my flogger radiate within you. Like metal to an anvil, each strike tempers you. Regular devotion will forge you into my perfect plaything.


Your acts of devotion, be it pleasure or pain, will push you beyond yourself. Through ritual practice, these acts of devotion will wish push you beyond what you have ever known. Beyond the outside world of fears and inhibitions and into a space that's both new and yet where you've always belonged. I see all of you, every part of you. But who you can become with me, that is what has yet to be seen.


Tie: Rope Bondage, Predicament Bondage, Metal Restraints, Suspension, Mummification

Tease: Tease and Denial, O Control and Denial, Sensory Play and Deprivation, Breath Play, Wax Play, Smothering, Foot Worship, Boot and Heel Worship, Sensual Domination, Multiple Mistress Sessions

Toys: Venus 2000 (Venus for Men), Erostek TENS Unit, Kinklabs Agent Noir Violet Wand Set, F*ing Machine

Taunt: Verbal Humiliation, Degradation, SPH, Deep Mind F*ing, Financial Domination

Torture: CBT, Ball Busting, Trampling, Caning,

Whipping, Spanking, Flogging, Paddling, Nipple Play and Nipple Torture, Sounding, Needle Play, Catheterization, Fire Play

Train: Full Toilet, Feminization, Dollification, Slave, Puppy, Pony, Chastity, Long Distance

Theatrics: Medical Play, Interrogation, Alien Abduction, Kidnapping, Witch Coven Sacrifice, Mad Scientist, Hypnotherapist, Cuckold

Do not let that coy smile deceive you, I am infamous for my extravagantly perverted and devious games.